Mighty: A Mighty Good Way To Stream Music Without Your Phone

Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s quite the motivator, and often results in some great inventions and innovations. The latest comes from a group of people fed up with music syncing and messy wires. Phones are getting bigger, drain more battery, and heaven forbid you drop it on the hard ground.


Spotify is good, but it has its limits. Mighty on the other hand is small yet durable, and clips onto your clothing and needs only a Bluetooth connection to your phone. No cord required! Just download the app, turn on the device, connect, sign in, and then you can sync all your playlists onto Mighty. No more phone and no more cord.

Mighty works by syncing itself with your phone using the app. It’s every bit the music player your phone is, just without the hassle of moving around with a brick in your pocket. Imagine all the mobility and freedom you can experience!



If you’re a health nut, gym rat, weekend warrior, or someone who simply hates the tangled mess of cords and the risk of dropping your phone, then the Mighty is going to be a mighty good fit for your lifestyle. It comes in black and green, or white with green highlights and the whole setup costs only $80. It’s a great innovation in a time of music streaming and our new wireless world.

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Mighty - Streaming Music Without Your Phone