Meet LUCY, Your Own Personal Home Assistant

This is LUCY. She’s no regular assistant. L.U.C.Y is actually a smart device assistant able to connect with everything inside and outside your home. She’s at your service whenever you like, using voice control and her touch screen capability.
LUCY is installed with a Full-HD touch display allowing you to see the things she shows beautifully, as well as being able to use touch screen with your fingertips.


She also comes pre-installed with some features like: an HD Camera (to see you), voice control (to hear and speak to you) and Wi-Fi to connect to your many devices in the house.


You can even send LUCY important things such as: calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists and photos. She’ll then be able to share them to the rest of your family.


LUCY can work with some of the gadgets you have today such as: Dropcam, Nest, Hue, Fitbit, Dropbox, Smart and more. She also comes in various sizes ranging from 14.5″ to 27″.



And the best part? She’s getting smarter everyday. The developers at L.U.C.Y are continuing to push out more new updates for LUCY, which are completely free, forever, with the purchase.

Think of her like Siri. But bigger, smarter and more good looking.

The 14.5″ LUCY comes in at $250 (currently $110 off) on Kickstarter. You’ll have to act fast to get your hands on this limited time deal.

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L.U.C.Y. 14.5"

Personal Home Assistant