Meet Kobi, The Fully Automatic Robot That Keeps Your Yard Clean All-Year Long

Did you know the average American spends about 70 hours a year on lawn and garden care? That’s an entire 2 workweeks! Save yourself the time and meet Kobi, the fully automatic robot that keeps your yard clean all-year long. Whether it be snow, leaves, or just your regular lawn, Kobi takes care of it all.
The Kobi is the world’s first fully autonomous machine that takes care of your garden all-season. It does this by using the three interchangeable modules included with the Kobi: the snow module, the lawn module and the leaf module.
The snow module keeps your driveway snow-free. So no more coming home, after a long day, to a packed driveway where you’ll just have to shovel it before going inside to relax.


The lawn module keeps your lawn clean and munches away at your grass. Keep your garden looking perfect and not as tall as you.


Finally, as you guessed it, the leaf module keeps your driveway and lawn, leaf-free. It’s great to have a clean driveway and garden for the fall season when those leaves are bound to end up everywhere.


Whatever the situation is, Kobi’s got your back. No more labor needed.

Kobi operates using your smartphone and a lithium battery. This allows you to control and plan Kobi’s clearing paths and it runs at a safe speed of 2 mph.


If you want a Kobi, you can join the Kobi waitlist and be the first to hear when it hits your area, at their site here. You can contact their team for a price estimate.