Make A Pet Door With Your Sliding Glass Door With Balcony Pets!

Have you ever had the problem with your pet wanting to go in and out of the house into the backyard every so often? You could renovate your door to have a pet door, but that takes quite a bit of time to do. With the Balcony Pets Apartment Pet Door, you can snap together a pet door for your sliding glass door in minutes! It can also be taken down in minutes, making it portable for wherever you go.
It’s simple to use and is the perfect solution for your pet. The height is adjustable to any sliding door, no tools are required for installation and it’s portable! No need to make permanent modifications to your home.

Here’s how it works:

First, you snap together the bottom two pieces of the lightweight plastic, and put them on the tracks of the sliding glass door.



Second, snap the top piece in.


Finally, slide the glass door to lock your pet door in place and there you have it!

A secured, sealed door with a flap at the bottom so that your pet can go in and out when it pleases.


The Balcony Pets Apartment Door is available on Amazon for $145. You can also check it out on Balcony Pets’ site here.

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