The MagnoGrip Keeps Your Small Tools and Screws Right on Your Wrist!

Whenever you’re working on projects around the house, you can never keep track of the small nuts, bolts, or screws. They either get lost or stuck in your pants pocket, leading to wasted time and money
The MagnoGrip magnetic wristband is designed to keep your tools and bits in one place—on your wrist!

Made from durable polyester and strategically placed magnets, the MagnoGrip is the perfect solution for people who always lose their small parts!

Ideal for holding nails, drill bits, screws, fasteners, and small tools, the breathable, lightweight design lets you wear the wristband all day—no chafing!

Wrists already full? No problem! You can also attach the wristband to a ladder or metal shelf.

Check out the MagnoGrip in action in the video down below!

To buy the MagnoGrip, visit their Amazon page.

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