Perfectly Cut And Serve Pizza Every Time With The Dreamfarm Scizza

The Scizza is a pizza cutter that perfectly slices pizza on any surface and even serves it to your guests.

The Scizza is available on Amazon.

Unlike the traditional pizza roller, the Scizza won’t scratch your non-stick pans or dull on pizza stones.
It works just like a pair of scissors work. Just scoop underneath the slice you plan to cut, and then clamp your Scizza.


To serve your slice, just pinch (don’t cut all the way through) and drag it over to your plate.

The blades can be disassembled with an allen key if you need to sharpen it.

The Scizza works on deep dish pizza as well, and when you’re finished with it, you can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The Scizza is available for purchase on Amazon.

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