Lighting Fixtures Made From Bottles, Skateboards, Baseball Bats and More

If you love sports and planning on creating a sports bar at home, you need to check what ZAL Creations has to offer. Their Etsy store is based in Chicago where they create lighting fixtures using bottles, plumbing pipes and sports gear.

Here are some items you can find in their shop.

buy from $245 Skateboard Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture

Made from real new skateboard and measuring approximately 31″ x 7 1/2″.

buy from $265 Beer Bottles Track Light Fixture

Each light is made from a used 16oz aluminum beer bottle.

buy from $145 Beer Bottle & Plumbing Pipe Wall Lamp

Wall light with faucet handle rotary “on – off” switch.

buy from $185 Baseball Bat Pendant Light

Made from used aluminum baseball bat.

buy from $450 Wine Bottles Suspension Hanging Lamp

Made from six 750ml clear glass wine bottles and 3/4 galvanized plumbing fittings.

buy from $385 Beer Bottles & Plumbing Pipe Desk Lamp

Rotary faucet handle “on-off” switch.