Light a Giant Bonfire with Only Wood – Absolutely No Fuel

Fire is cool! Well, actually it isn’t – it’s very hot. Nevertheless, as a species, we love fire. Without it, we’d almost certainly all be dead. Much human ingenuity and creativity has been put toward making our fires as efficient as possible.
A few years back, the good folks at Solo Stove came up with a compact and efficient way to make small cooking fires on the go with only a stove and some wood – no other fuels. Now, they’ve applied that same technology to their Solo Stove Bonfire.
For a warm, cozy, friendly fire with minimal smoke, simply set up the Solo Stove Bonfire, fill with your favorite wood, and light it up!

The stove is made entirely of 304 steel and is designed to allow maximum airflow between the stoves two layers. this allows air to preheat and flow efficiently through the flame, creating a large, bright flame with little smoke.


With the Solo Stove Bonfire, you can burn 20 lbs of wood into just 50 ounces of ash!


The design is both complex and simple. It has an elegant design that, once again, requires no coal or propane to keep going.


It’s easy to clean and requires no setup. There’s no risk of scorching or ash below the base, so you can use it on stone, wood, grass, or any other surface!


The Solo Stove Bonfire also comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you have a problem with your stove, Solo Stove will be there to help you out.


The Solo Stove Bonfire is available on Kickstarter for $249! Other Solo Stove Products are available on Amazon as well!


Check it out in action below!

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