LIFX – The Smart Light Bulb

Light bulbs are boring. After over 100 years of existence, no true innovations were made, until now. Taking into consideration all surrounding technologies, Phil Bosua came up with LIFX – the reinvented light bulb. LIFX is a smart WiFi enabled light bulb that can be controlled by an iPhone or Android device. From anywhere, using your smartphone, you can separately control each light, adjust brightness and color, set automatic behaviors such as increasing light in the morning and dimming down at night, and even add mood lighting to match the beat. And all you need to get started, is to unscrew your old bulbs, replace them with LIFX smart bulbs and download the free app.

You may think “wow, $69 for a lightbulb!”, but wait a second and think about it this way. They can last up to 25 years, they are energy efficient and the actual price goes down to $49 if you order 4 or more. So not only do they save you time and hassle, and add countless possibilities to your home lighting system, but they might actually end up saving you money.

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