Kick Your Pedicures Up A Notch With These Sparkly Toe Spacers

Admittedly, I am a guy and so pedicures hold no interest for me but I know many a girl who would appreciate this as a gift. Whether for your wife or girlfriend, your mother or your aunt, there is little doubt that you have someone in your life who would absolutely adore this product.

These are so beloved that even some celebrities from ‘Real Housewives’ and news reporters have proudly declared their love for these cute and stylish spacers. Like any good invention, innovation must follow and that’s exactly what Kat de Haen did.

These separators give you more mobility than traditional pedicure spacers, allowing you to actually get up and do a few things without wrecking your awesome new toe job. And on top of that, they come in a range of styles and colors to suit your personal tastes.

These little beauties are comfortable and stylish to the point of practically being a fashion accessory. With Christmas coming closer, perhaps these should make their way onto your shopping list.


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