This Add-On Turns Any Wheeled Luggage into a Travel Stroller

Traveling with small kids can be a pain. Hauling luggage around a busy airport while making sure your child is with you and not causing problems is incredibly stressful. And adding strollers to the mix makes life even more difficult.
The Ride On Carry On is designed to make traveling with little kids stress-free.

It turns any wheeled luggage into a sturdy, safe stroller. No more traveling with bulky strollers and worrying about where your children have run off to.


When it’s on the luggage, it folds flat, fitting in the overhead bin or through security without removing it.


Kids can be comfortable with the built in headrest that transforms into a tray table with virtually no effort. Your child can either rest the entire time, or work on their latest coloring masterpiece!


No need to worry about your child being safe—made with nylon polyester, it keeps your kid nice and secure as they’re pushed around. And if it gets dirty, it’s not a problem—spot clean it with soapy water!


Check out the stroller in action in the video down below!

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