With the Joseph Joseph Helix Citrus Juicer, Get All the Juice Out with Less Effort!

With hot weather right around the corner, we’re all ready for some fresh lime or lemon juice to add to our light summer meals. But getting the most juice from your citrus fruits requires so much arm strength, it almost turns you off making your food altogether.
The Joseph Joseph Helix ergonomic citrus juicer changes all that. Its simple design lets you get the most juice possible with the least amount of effort!


The secret is in the direction you juice. Most juicers are designed for vertical juicing, which is awkward and puts too much strain on the hands. The Helix is designed to work horizontally, using shoulder power. This puts less strain on the body and gives you the most juice possible.

Plus, the “twisting” motion multiplies the force, requiring even less force than other juicers!

The two-piece design separates, allowing for easy cleaning after use!

Need to press more food? The Helix range also includes a garlic press and a potato masher!

All models are available HERE.

Watch the juicer in action in the video down below! To buy this product check out their Amazon page.

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