The ‘iiamo Go’ Is A Self-Warming Baby Bottle For All Your Nursing Needs

Even though technology was supposed to make our lives simpler and more relaxed, it seems that we have become busier than ever. However, this technological innovation is sure to make the life of a parent just a little bit easier. The iiamo Go is a self-warming bottle that lets you warm up milk on the go without the need for electricity.
The iiamo Go works by using heat generated from a chemical reaction that occurs within the insertable cartidges. Each cartidge contains water and calcium chloride (a kind of ‘salt’) that are separated into two chambers and only combined once inserted into the bottle. The resulting chemical reaction between the calcium chloride and water generates enough heat to warm the surrounding liquid to drinking temperature.


This is also impressive when you consider it takes only 4 minutes for this chemical reaction to heat the milk to a suitable and safe temperature. There’s no need for electricity or a pot of water anymore. Just gently shake to distribute the heat evenly, and you’re set to go. It is easy to disassemble and clean, BPA-free, and can hold up to 6-oz of milk. It’s safe, fast, efficient, and comes in four colors to fit your personality and lifestyle.




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