Guzzle Buddy: This Bottle Top is the Perfect Gag Gift For Your Wine-Loving Friend

This may look like an ordinary wine glass, but you look at the bottom, you’ll realize it’s anything but.

It is, in fact, a GIANT bottomless wineglass. But how do you fill it? Simple – just plug it directly into your wine bottle.
Introducing the Guzzle Buddy. As the company motto states, just plug it and chug it! Now you have the perfect gag gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

The glass itself is massive – it holds just over 16 ounces! While a bottle may not be a standard serving size, it’s definitely worth the sight gag and, heck, it might even be worth giving it a try!


The Guzzle Buddy is available on Amazon now!


Check it out in the video below!

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Guzzle Buddy: Turn your bottle into a wine glass