Take Your Big Screen on the Go with This Handy Pop-Up Display

Do you love the screen resolution of your laptop, but want a device as compact as your phone or tablet? Well, that’s what SPUD is for.
Contrary to popular belief, SPUD is not a potato. In fact, SPUD is an acronym for Spontaneous Pop-Up Display. With a single motion, the Spud goes from the size of a book to the a 24-inch, high-resolution screen.

SPUD is designed with image quality in mind and is roughly 23x the size of your smartphone display. In 10 seconds, you can hook your phone up to SPUD with an HDMI or USB cable, and be ready to stream your favorite videos, surf the web, or just look at cat photos.


SPUD can also be hooked up to your computer for use as a secondary display – because nothing says productivity like a dual-screen set up!


Unlike other folding screens, SPUD does not wrinkle very easily, so your image won’t be corrupted by a stray crease or distracting bend.


It’s also a breeze to deflate and pack away again. There’re no messy cables or billowing screen bags to contend with.



The SPUD can be preordered on Kickstarter for $389!

Check it out below!

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Spud: The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display