Get the Power of an Onboard Computer in Your Bicycle Helmet

Biking is arguably more dangerous than driving, yet tech companies have been scrambling for years to come up with the safest and most convenient hands-free phone systems for cars. It’s about time that bicycles were given the same consideration.
Well, thanks to the clever people over at Coros, cyclists can get the same hands-free smartphone experience as a driver without risking bodily harm.
Coros is a smart helmet system that uses bone conduction technology and a simple remote control to connect you with your smartphone. You don’t even have to stop or take your eyes off the road!
Coros’ bone conduction technology doesn’t play your music or smartphone sounds through your ears – it plays them through your skull. This ensures that only you can hear Coros. On top of that, bone conduction reduces interference from loud wind or inclement weather, so your sound is always crystal clear.
Most importantly, bone conduction technology lets you hear without distracting your ears from the sounds of the road or the world around you. You can ride easy and ride alert.


Coros also connects to a smartphone app, so you can map your route, check your riding stats, or track your fitness data – similar data to the kind you get from a smart watch or band.


The final component to the Coros system is the smart remote, which allows you to control your music with the four outside buttons. The inside button lets you activate speech control, so you can send voice messages, compose texts, or do virtually anything that Siri or other smartphone assistants would let you do.


Coros is available in orange, white, and black, and sizes medium (21 ¼ – 23”; 54-58 cm; 6 ¾ – 7 ¼ hat) and large (22 ½ – 24”; 57-61 cm; 7 1/8 – 7 ¾ hat).



Coros can be yours for a fraction of the retail price through a special Kickstarter offer – $120!


Check it out in action below!

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