9 Of The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets You Need In Your Kitchen

Some people love their kitchen, but my kitchen isn’t very welcoming to me due to my culinary talent being close to zero. However, if I had some of these cool kitchen gadgets, I’d probably welcome myself into the kitchen.
Here are nine of the coolest kitchen gadgets you need in your kitchen:
9. An Authentic Twinkie Maker


Think of a waffle maker, but instead, it makes you twinkies! 6 of them actually!

8. A 3D Latte Art Gun


Cool nifty gadget gun that lets you make art on lattes! Now you can become an artsy barista.

7. The Countertop Snow Cone Machine


Have you ever went to a fair and see how those over-the-counter fair employees hand out those snowcones from a snowcone machine? Well now, you can have one all for yourself!

6. Automatic Mini Donut Factory


Mini donuts are the best. I especially love watching through the window to see them getting cooked. So when I found out about this Mini Donut Factory with a see-through window to watch your donuts cook, it was love at first sight.

5. Waffle Bowl Maker


Why eat your ice cream out of a regular bowl? With this waffle bowl maker, you can eat your ice cream, and then eat your waffle bowl right after! Yum!

4. Pizza Box Oven


This Pizza Box Oven makes it just as easy as a pizza delivery! Slip a pizza inside at 1200W with a 30 minute timer, and you got a perfect pizza every time!

3. Caramel & Candy Apple Maker


Make your own personalized Caramel & Candy apples with this cool tray! Store 3 of your favourite toppings on the tray, dip your apple into the caramel, coat it with your toppings and voila! Some tasty apples. Perfect for Halloween!

2. Soft Pretzel Factory


We had a Mini Donut Factory earlier, how about a soft pretzel one? With this machine, you’ll be able to cook 2 large pretzels, or 6 mini ones!

1. Electric S’Mores Maker


This Electric S’Mores Maker makes it easy for you to make those must-have camping treats. It’s the perfect camping accessory, or use it at home if you’re craving them, since it’s safe and flame free!