Get The Best Sleep With The World’s First No Pressure Mattress

The Purple® Mattress is the world’s first no pressure mattress. It integrates the best technology for your bed so that you get the most comfort and support during your sleep. When you use the Purple® Mattress, you’ll get the best of both worlds from soft beds and firm beds.
Soft mattresses may give you a comfortable place to sleep and feels nice, but as the night goes on, you’ll gradually sink into your bed and without proper back support, you’ll get chronic pain and begin to ache.

Firm mattresses give you great back support. However, a hard rock mattress isn’t the most comfortable of beds to sleep on. Your sleep is supposed to be comfortable, not give you shoulder pain.


The Purple® Mattress uses Hyper-Elastic Polymer to give you both a comfortable place to sleep and back support to make you sure you don’t wake up with chronic pain and aching.



It cradles your pressure points and treats it like a soft bed, making it comfortable to sleep on, while treating every other point as a firm bed. Using a comfort grid system, the mattress distributes weight across any body type to give anyone the best sleep they deserve.


Purple is offering 100% free shipping to your home, making it convenient for you to quickly receive your mattress, and sleep away! And the best part? If you don’t like it, you have a 100 night guarantee, simply have Purple pick up the mattress from you and you’ll get a refund. It’s that easy.


Purchase a Purple® Mattress today starting at $699 for the Twin XL Purple® Mattress. You can check out the Purple® Twin XL Mattress, as well as the other Purple® Mattresses, on their site here.

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