Fit A Bottle In Any Small Bag Or Pocket With The Fashionable & Collapsible Que Bottle!

Nowadays, if you want to easy access to hydrate yourself, you have two options: carry around a bulky water bottle that fits no where or have a plastic water bottle that is convenient but harms the planet even more.
With the que Bottle you prevent both: carry around a small compact water bottle that holds the same amount of water without harming the planet.
The que bottle is the only collapsible bottle that can travel with you anywhere. It has a unique spiral design makes the bottle look super cool and allows it it to shrink to half the bottle’s size whenever you need it to. Don’t worry, it will still look good afterwards!
The bottle matches any style you decide to wear with it’s multiple colors.


It comes in two sizes: high capacity 20 fl oz for everyday use and 12 fl oz for travellers and kids.



The creators of the que bottle decided to make the bottle with BPA-free silicone because it’s safe and FDA approved, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, and versatile to handle extreme temperatures. This allows the que bottle to hold both cold and hot beverages (up to 140F)!



When you’re finished with it, it’s easy to clean because it’s dishwasher safe!


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Fashionable & Collapsible Travel Bottle