This Flavor-Engineered Cup Tricks Your Brain into Thinking That Your Water is Soda

We may not actually need eight cups of water a day, but the fact is we still drink a lot of the stuff. Over the course of a day, we drink a lot of different fluids – from juice to milk to soda to alcohol to energy drinks, and many more beverages to stay hydrated. Water has no distinct taste, which makes drinking it a bit of a chore, but the fact is that it’s still the easiest, healthiest, and best way to stay hydrated.
Well, The Right Cup is here to combine the health benefits of water with the sensory reward system of all those other drinks.
Simply put, The Right Cup tricks your brain into thinking that you’re drinking a flavorful beverage, when in fact you’re only drinking water.

The nose and the tongue are the most active organs in determining an object’s taste. With that in mind, The Right Cup is designed to use built-in flavor centers to trick the brain into believing that your water tastes like something else.


The Right Cup is FDA approved and BPA free. What’s more, the cup’s flavor is designed to last through six months of use. Some even say that the flavor gets stronger over time!


The Right Cup is currently available in Mixed Berry, Apple, Orange, Peach, and Cola flavors, with even more great flavors on the way!


The Right Cup is available on Indiegogo for $29! It’s also available in bundles at a discount!


Check it out below!

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The Right Cup: Flavor-Engineered Cup