Design Your Ideal Furniture Piece in Augmented Reality

There are few feelings more infuriating than measuring your living room, buying a new piece of furniture for it, then finding that it doesn’t fit right. Furniture is expensive and is, ideally, a multi-year investment, so you want to be as sure as possible that you’ve got exactly what you need.
Enter Tylko. Tylko is a customizable shelving solution that gives you total control of the design process of your furniture.

With simple interlocking pieces, Tylko shelves can be designed to take on a variety of different shapes and sizes, from standard square units to trippy counter-balanced styles.


Tylko comes in four styles: slant, pattern, gradient, and grid.


Using either the Tylko website or their innovative smartphone app, you can customize your furniture to your exact specifications. If you use the app, you can even render your furniture in augmented reality to see exactly how it will fit in your space.



Tylko shelves are available in grey, black, or white, and are made from 18 millimetre birch plywood


If your piece isn’t exactly to your liking, Tylko furniture is also backed by a 100 day free return policy.


Tylko furniture is available here starting at $108!


Check it out below!

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