Egg Perfect – Heat Sensitive Color Changing Egg Timer

The perfect egg can make the difference between a great breakfast and a disappointment with a yolk that is too hard to dunk toasted soldiers into it. And as we are usually still waking up when we cook this important first meal of the day, achieving the perfect hard-boiled egg can be a challenge.

But the Egg Perfect Timer makes all the difference. This is not a blaring timer to jolt you from rest to alarm, telling you how long your egg has been cooking for. Instead of time, this half-egg shaped timer uses temperature to perfectly gauge whether a boiled egg is soft, medium or hard. It goes into the water with your eggs, heating up as your eggs do and changing color from the edge in to show you exactly when your eggs are perfectly cooked to your taste. Extremely reliable, the Egg Perfect Timer will ensure that you never have a bad start to your day again.

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