Ease Your Dog’s Worries with This Smart Animal Crate

Dogs are known as loving, loyal creatures, but did you know that over 32 million of our furry besties have some form of anxiety? I believe it, especially with how my dog gets when I leave the house.
The Zencrate wants to soothe their fears. It’s a smart crate designed to calm anxiety in dogs when you’re not there to comfort them yourself.
Proximity sensors turn on soothing music, a fan, and the camera when your dog is in the crate—and turns them off when he leaves.


It’s also wifi-enabled, sending you text messages and emails updating you on how your furry friend is doing.


Thunderstorms are no longer quite as scary, with the crate having a vibration dampening effect—going against thunder’s natural frequencies.


And there’s no hard mattress for your best friend—each Zencrate has an orthopedic memory foam mattress, designed to conform to your puppy’s unique shape every time she enters the crate.


If you have to take your crate to a friend’s house for dog sitting, the panels are designed to snap together or dismantle in under five minutes.


Check out the video below to see the crate in action!

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