Double The Fun For Mobiles In The Car

With the rise of Wi-Fi and mobile phones that can do almost anything, high-end car stereos have gone the way of the Dodo bird and have been replaced by anything that can connect Bluetooth, an iPod, or a phone. It’s a remarkable and stunning change that some are struggling to keep up with.
Thankfully, InfiniApps has thought ahead and created the DuoMount. It’s a dual universal smartphone, cellphone, and tablet mount that uses a magnetic system. It’s compatible with all generations of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, and other Android and Blackberry phones.
All you have to do is insert it into the CD player slot. Don’t worry, the CD slot can still function normally! Tilt and rotate whatever device you have for maximum convenience and comfort. This also applies to whoever is the lucky individual who called ‘shotgun’.







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DuoMount, Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder