A Tent In Your House To Help Fight The Cold? Not As Crazy As You Think.

It’s winter, and you’re unfortunately nowhere near a sunny beach. This is the reality that many in the northern hemisphere deal with every winter. Another problem to deal with is the constant arrival of heating bills that always seem to get more and more expensive no matter how much you try and cut back and save.
Thankfully, a South Korean girl is doing her best to find an affordable solution to your winter woes. Winters can be cold in Korea, and young Jennifer also spent several years in Boston. As a result, she knows the struggle. Teaming up with other designers, she’s developed a cozy all-in-one bed tent that helps keep you warm.
It can reliably keep a 10°F differential, and it circulates the warm air inside the tent while preventing cold air from getting in. To give you no reason at all to leave this tent, it also comes with an adjustable laptop stand and a “smartphone theater” that also allows you to adjust it and change the angle freely.




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