Turn Any Sink Into A Washing Machine

Doing laundry can be a real hassle. You have to sort out handwash, delicates and it’s even worse if you’re travelling or on the go.
Now, Nival has a solution. This portable washer cleans your clothes while saving 60 times the energy.

Nival handles delicates, is ultra portable (it’s only the size of a computer mouse), is easy to operate and is faster than a regular washing machine.


Using powerful vibrations, Nival sends bubbles through the fabric of clothing to push dirt out. Nival can be used in anything that holds water: a sink, tub, garbage can, waterproof bag, and more!



Simply drop the dirty clothes into your basin, add the Nival detergent tablet, put Nival in the water and plug the USB end in.


They have specialized tablets, but can also be used with regular laundry liquid.


You can get one on Indiegogo for $99.

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