CreaClip is Here To Save You From Awful Haircuts

Haircuts can be terribly expensive, especially if you have to go a professional salon to get one. It gets difficult to justify spending hundreds of dollars a year to take the entire family for trims.
That’s where CreaClip comes in handy! Using the small clip with a built in comb, you can easily cut your own hair or your kids hair.
Simply clip it to the base of your hair and drag it down to the desired length. Use the built-in level to make sure you have the line straight and snip away. The level rotates so you can get a straight cut or make perfect layers and side bangs!



The teeth in the comb evenly distributes the hair and locks in place to make sure nothing falls out of place. You’ll achieve near-professional results and people will never know your secret -you did it yourself! Spare your kids years of embarrassing haircuts.



CreaClip can be used with thick or thin hair, wet or dry. Plus, no maintenance is needed on the actual product. There are no batteries or assembly needed, just rinse after use.


The CreaClip is available on Amazon.

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