You Can Have an Outdoor and Indoor Pool with This Enclosure

If you want to install a pool, there are so many things to consider: how big it should be, what materials you want to use, how deep it can be.
One of the big things is if you want it outside or inside. If your pool is outside, you have to spend a lot more time cleaning it. If it’s inside, you don’t get the stunning views of your backyard.
But what if you could just choose both? These retractable pool enclosures are making that possible.


These shelters give you the benefit of an indoor pool with the views of an outdoor pool. And if the weather is nice and you want to feel the sun against your skin and the wind in your hair, you can slide the enclosure back, giving you a fully exposed pool.


There are three kinds of enclosures: low line, middle line, and high line.

Low line shelters are perfect if you want to enjoy an enclosed pool without upsetting your backyard’s landscape.


Middle line shelters have enough space to sit in the centre of the enclosure while relaxing in your pool.


High line shelters are basically an oasis in the middle of your backyard. You can set it up as a sitting area by your pool, protected from any bad weather.


If you’re interested in one of these enclosures for your yard, contact the seller here for a quote!