A Portable Briefcase That Turns Into A Brazilian Rotisserie Grill

The Carson Rotisserie grill is a portable briefcase that unfolds into a 7 skewer Brazilian grill. Simply open the sleek lightweight metal case, attach the 4 legs to it, add charcoal in the removable charcoal pan and you’ll get a 4,000 cubic inches of cooking volume. Power it using the portable rechargeable 12v battery, an AC or a car outlet and you’re good to go. The seven rotating skewers will evenly cook and self-baste meats locking flavor and nutrients and because of the constant rotation, you won’t have to monitor the grill and turn the meat to prevent charring! You’ll easily create that perfect Brazilian BBQ with tender and moist meats, grilled veggies, toasted garlic bread and the unavoidable grilled brown sugar glazed pineapple. The Carson Rotisserie grill is an ideal healthy solution for home or on-the-go BBQing.

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