Wörthersee – Audi’s High-End Electric Bike Prototype

Audi are launching their high performance e-bike prototype, Wörthersee. This highly advanced and stylish electric bike weights 24 lbs and is made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer at the frame and wheels level. It will be partially or fully driven by an electric motor with up to 184 lb-ft for torque. The 2.3 kW electric motor is powered by a replaceable lithium-ion battery that only needs 2.5 hours to be fully recharged. Different riding modes are available. Selecting the desired mode can be done using your smartphone or directly on the touchscreen of the bike. In the ‘Pure’ mode, the electric motor is not in use and it operates just like a normal (but stylish) bike. In ‘Pedelec’ mode, the electric motor starts running but the rider is still pedaling. The extra push of the motor makes your speed go up to 50mph during 31-44 miles. The ‘eGrip’ mode or the lazy mode is when the bike is fully powered by the motor. A top speed of 31mph can then be reached.

The Audi e-bike is not only for cruising but also for sports and trick cycling as Julien Dupont and Petra Bernhard, two skilled bikers, will be demonstrating at Wörthersee in Carinthia, Austria where the bike will be unveiled. ‘Stunt’ modes are available. The ‘Power Wheelie’ or ‘Balanced Wheelie’ modes can be chosen when performing wheelies or other tricks for assist or extra balance.