Urbio: A Modular Vertical Space Saving Solution

Take advantage of your walls to save space, get organized and add a fresh splash to your home with Urbio, a wall mounted space saving system. Urbio is designed to be modular — buy as many wall plates as you want and mount them in any layout you desire. Each wall plate is equipped with 4 strong magnets — get different sized magnetic pods and be creative! Fill them with books, pencils or anything to keep your living space nice and tidy! Or why not an interior wall garden?

For $75, you can get the Happy Family pack with 2 Wall Plates and 3 pods (1 String Bean, 1 Wide Mouth and 1 Shorty) or go with the Big Happy Family pack with 6 Wall Plates and 6 pods (1 Big Daddy, 1 String Bean, 1 Wide Mouth and 3 Shorty) for $175. Then, you can add to those startup packages by purchasing pods and wall plates separately.