TowelMate – The Ultimate Beach Towel

No matter how well you’re organized and how great your setup is, there’s always something missing when you’re there lying down at the beach. The towel always seems too small for your entire body and as you’re getting ready for a nap, you find yourself holding firmly to your smartphone or sunglasses as you have nowhere to secure them.

But we might have found the ultimate solution for you. Made from luxurious cotton velour, TowelMate is the ultimate beach towel. It is oversized (36 x 70″) for sand-free lounging and includes a removable built-in pillow for additional head and neck support. It also features hidden, zippered, water-resistant pockets to hold and secure all of your essentials. The pockets are large enough to house your sunglasses, wallet, phone, books, and even your iPad.

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