Time Traveller Watch

Rarely can it be said that a frequent flyer has too much time on their hands, but with this watch you will discover that now you have lots of hands on your time!

Set your watch to your local time zone and then fly the world without ever having to reset the time! The red pigeon, a universal city dweller, flies around the edge of the face indicating the minutes, while the hands, each designed in the shape of a famous city landmark from sixteen different time zones, point to the current hour. Want to check the time in Paris? Watch the Eiffel Tower! Need to know the time in New York? Follow the Statue of Liberty!

One of the many clever aspects of this spectacular timepiece is that it works on a 24 hour clock basis, with one full sweep of each hand every 24 hours. Midday is top centre while midnight is centre bottom.

This limited edition time piece is not only functional but a definite collector’s item with each watch bearing its number on the rear and coming with a signed certificate.

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