The TacTiClip – A Money Clip That Scales To Meet Your Everyday Needs

Everyone hates thick wallets. Whether empty or full, they always feel like a brick. Few cards and some cash shouldn’t be overly cumbersome or heavy to carry, and this is why money clips can become very useful.

Many money clips are available out there, but what defines a good one is price, size and versatility, and the TacTiClip is about all of these. What makes it efficient is its ability to elastically deform under stress and then recover to its original shape, carrying stacks as thin or as thick as needed, while being as light and minimal as possible. Made of grade 5 Titanium, the TacTiClip is available in 2 sizes, starting at $14.

Watch the TacTiClip in action, going from holding a stack of 50 cards to holding a single 20 dollar bill, effortlessly.

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