The PowerPot Turns Heat From Cooking into Electricity

You go camping, you’re out in nature but still would like to listen to your music, be able to keep in touch with your friends & family and just have your electronic gizmos with you and recharged. Designed by David Toledo and Paul Slusser, the PowerPot will make that happen effortlessly. It acts as a portable electric generator and as a cooking pot. So as you use it to cook, the PowerPot will convert the heat from cooking into electricity. The PowerPot V produces up to 5 watts of power allowing you to recharge up to 3 devices at a time such as mp3 players, smartphones, LED lights and GPS units. Two more powerful models are also available, the PowerPot X and XV, which respectively produce 10 and 15 watts to recharge larger devices such as tablets. The PowerPot V is made from hard anodized aluminum, is lightweight (12oz) and can hold 1.4 l. The X model holds 1.9 l and the XV, which is still in development, will hold up to a gallon (3.8 l). As the kickstarter project was successful, you will be able to order your PowerPot here for somewhere around $149 (V model).

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