The PancakeBot Will PRINT Your Pancakes For Breakfast, In Any Shape You Can Draw

Meet the PancakeBot, a new cooking tool that will revolutionize your breakfast routine. Invented by Miguel Valenzuela, the PancakeBot allows you to design your pancakes, upload the image on an SD card, and print your pancakes onto a heated griddle to cook! Once you have uploaded your image, select which parts of the drawings you would like outlined (these are the sections that will be printed first) and which parts your will like shaded in. Because the outline is printed first, it cooks longer, allowing it to brown and give shading and dimension to your pancakes. Become a veritable pancake artist with the PancakeBot!
Update: The Kickstarter campaign just ended. It successfully raised $460,584 USD with 2,074 backers. If you missed the chance of getting one, follow them on Facebook for updates on when they start selling it on their website.
Update 2: It is now available for pre-order HERE.

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