The Helicycle: A Motorcycle that Converts into a Gyrocopter

For those of you who have it all and have seen everything, here’s something that you might have missed. The Helicycle is a combination of a gyrocopter and three wheeled motorcycle. Within minutes, you can go from riding your motorcycle down the road to flying high in the sky. Easy to fly and easy to ride, the Helicycle will get you there in style and comfort. Constructed of lightweight and durable carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, and powered by a 230 HP engine, the Helicycle is as fast as it is good looking. It accelerates from 0-60 mph in under 8 seconds, and only requires a 540′ runway for takeoffs. It can reach a maximum 112 mph, and its 27-gallon gas tank provides a 220-mile flying range or 750-mile driving range.

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