The Floating Lamp

Ok, so where’s the catch? At first glance, you might think that a see-tru glass holds both parts or that there’s some kind of transparent string holding each piece to make that floating effect. Well, we got our mind blown. Nothing is holding the top part to the body. This lamp actually floats.

Designed by Angela Jansen, what might seem to be a standard looking lamp at first is actually a design of the future. The base is made of handcrafted wood with a high glossy finish. The lampshade is made of matt black fabric with a pearl white inner sid furnishing. LEDs are placed on the lower part of the lampshade and can be controlled/dimmed with a simple touch.

Now what makes the upper part float is the integrated levitation technology. Electromagnetic components combined to an advanced control system make that magic. That futuristic lamp can be purchased for 980€ (~$1300) + shipping.

Is it really floating? Watch the following video:

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