Tempus Is The Stylish Multifunctional Bag We All Need

Modern lives are quite often busy lives. We are constantly moving around and need to carry so many things with us that we as well have half the living room and our wardrobe in our bags. Emphasis being on bags, since no single bag is up to task, unless you happen to be the intrepid minds over at Lantinga Vita, a startup in Montreal, Canada. Their multipurpose Tempus bag is meant to do it all.
The Tempus protects and stores everything from your lunch to your laptop, and even your sweaty gym gear. To top it off, it has a sleek and stylish exterior that won’t look out of place. The wallet section is RFID protected, it has enough space to comfortably fit a 15″ laptop and 10″ tablet, a separate water-resistant compartment for your dirty and sweaty gear, and a lunchbox cooler to keep your food fresh as can be. Made from high quality and sustainable fabrics and adjustable straps, this is a product for anyone who leads an active, diverse, and healthy lifestyle.





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Tempus: A Travel/Gym/Work Bag for a Healthy Life On-the-Go