SWYP: See What You Print – A Concept Printer To Drool Over

Printers are boring. Nothing is exciting about them. You turn that bulky machine on, listen to all the squeaking and grinding noises as it’s getting ready to go in to action and then get your print. But the entire process is flat with no user interaction or thrill whatsoever. So the Artefact group came up with SWYP (See What You Print), a concept printer to drool over. The design is so simple and attractive, you’ll forget that there’s actually a paper tray and ink cartridges in there.

No computer is needed to access your photos. Using its touch interface, directly download your pictures from Facebook or Flickr, or connect it wirelessly to your camera. Then, edit your pictures on the printer and when you’re satisfied with the full size preview, print and there’s no bad surprises.

But what’s awesome about that concept is not what it does, it’s how it does it. The user interface is simple and intuitive and the printing experience seems flawless. Watch the video to feel the thrill.