Super Mario Inspired 8bit Plants Made Of Fused Plastic Beads

Inspired from the Super Mario game series, here are 8bit plants to add a touch of nostalgia to any room. Made of fused plastic beads, these colorful flowers are a great way to decor your desk, and make an ideal gift for the video game fan. They come with a clay pot, hand painted with a bright green vinyl acrylic paint. They’ll always look awesome – no watering needed!

Super Mario Inspired Big Potted Piranha Plant. Two Different Models. $19.93/each

Super Mario Inspired Potted Fire Flower $13.95

Super Mario Inspired Potted Plant Retro Fire Flower. 5 different colors. $13.95

Smiling Daisy Super Mario Bros Inspired. Kawaii Cute Red & Pink Plastic Daisy With Colorful Plastic Pot $22.59

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