Suitcase Doubles as a Robotic Luggage Valet

Travel – everyone loves to do it, but nobody loves to do it. While traveling is a fun, relaxing, and educational activity, commuting to airports, train stations, bus stops, and to and from hotels can be a real drag.
Well, drag no more with the Cowa Robot R1.
R1 is a robot suitcase designed with both the tech-friendly world of tomorrow and the tech-fearing world of today in mind. Its mechanics are so ridiculously simple and compact, it’s almost as if they aren’t there at all.

All of the tech in the R1 is FAA-compliant and easy to disassemble, so you can get through security check points in seconds with out causing a ruckus.


On top of that, the front electronics compartment opens with a click, making it easy to remove all of your electronics in seconds when passing through security.


The R1 rolls at a top speed of 4.5 mph and always stays within arms reach of you thanks to the R1 companion bracelet. With just a tap, you can command your suit case to find you, so you never have to wrorry about leaving it behind, on top of that, its built-in GPS makes it easy to know where your bag is at all times.


The bracelet also works as a digital key, making sure that no one gets into your luggage without your say so. At the same time, the R1 lock meets FAA standards, so it works even with the battery out.


You can get your very own R1 through Indiegogo for $499!


Check it out below!

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