Zip n Store: Store All Your Food With This Compact and Efficient Storage System

Remember when your mom used to get waaaaay too excited about tupperware containers? Well, now there’s a brand new food storage system for the next generation to get excited about!
Take a look at Zip n Store! Tupperware containers are cumbersome and hard to organize. Besides, you likely already buy Ziploc or other plastic sandwich bags pretty regularly. With Zip n Store, you can optimize your sandwich bags for use in in any situation. No more cumbersome tupperware! Zip n Store revolutionizes the way you store, organize and locate your food in a fridge or cupboard.

With the many pieces of the Zip n Store system, you can make each step of the storage process more efficient. Based on the design of a Ziplock bag, they keep food fresh longer than an air-filled container. The good people over at Zip n Store have spent hours and hours testing every possible kink out of this storage system.
The Chop n Fill Stand lets you chop product and load your bags without any messy hassle.
The Cold n Store and Dry and Store systems let you turn your storage space into a sandwich bag clothing rack.
The Freeze n Stack and Freeze and Store pieces let you shape and store your frozen foods in the most compact way imaginable.

Each piece is designed to fit virtually any fridge, door, or cupboard. It also comes in a basic white color, so it won’t clash with any of your decor.


All the different Zip n Store pieces are now available on Amazon!


Check it out in the video below!

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Zip n Store: Food Storage System