A Steak Thermometer That Flashes Like A Stoplight For The Perfect Temperature

SteakChamp ensures you never undercook or overcook your perfect cut of meat ever again.
Shaped like a needle, insert it into your uncooked steak and cook as you normally would.

When your meat is done, the device will flash like a stoplight. Green means medium rare, yellow is medium and red is medium well.
It’s heat resistant up to 900 degrees, so there’s no worry of ruining it.
But it’s not just for steak, you can use it on salmon, duck, pork, venison and lamb as well.

Because it’s inserted through the full size of the steak, you know it’s done the whole way through. When used properly, there’s a 2,000 use guarantee!


Different models are available on Amazon, starting at $39.

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