Starship Earth Globe – A 3D Star Atlas

From the many constellations in our heavens, to the movements of the Earth, Sun, and stars, explore the universe that surrounds us through Starship Earth II, a beautiful three-dimensional star atlas.

The impressive transparent sixteen-inch diameter outer sphere of the Starship Earth II displays updated and improved data from Sky Catalogue 2000.0, all eighty-eight constellations and more than 1,100 naked-eye stars, plus many prominent deep-sky objects against a precision grid of Right Ascension and Declination lines. The Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds are shown in a wispy translucent blue, and deep sky objects are keyed to type. They’re all accurately hand silk-screened on the sphere’s interior surface for long lasting protection. Stars are identified by name, Greek letter designations, brightness, from first to fifth magnitude, and distance from the earth in light years. The outer sphere also highlights astral equivalents used to locate stars. An easy three-step setting allows you to reproduce the Earth, Sun, and star movements for any time, date, and location in the world.

Understand more about how the Sun rises and sets, and how the seasons change; surrounding the five-inch diameter inner Earthsphere is a fully adjustable horizon ring to help you visualize the horizon for any location on the planet.
-via Yanko Design

Hand-crafted of museum-quality acrylic, the Starship Earth Globe is available in either 16 or 30 inches in diameter.

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