Squeeze in Some Workout Time and Train Your Back with This Simple Home Gym

Not everyone has the time to get a full workout, and even those who do often neglect a very important part of the body – the back. Our back muscles are resilient, but they’re very sensitive to damage and are often among the first to wear down as our bodies age. Well, the aptly-named SpineGym is here to make sure we keep our backs in working order.
The SpineGym is simple in design, constructed with a base, two poles, and a support strap. With these three components, you can work all your core muscles using a bunch of different techniques.

As you rest the small of your back on the support strap and contort and stretch your body, the poles provide just enough resistance to challenge your muscles. Because of its super simple design, the SpineGym automatically adjusts to your needs. How much effort and strength you put in determines how much resistance you get back. Whether you want to test your limits or simply get a hearty stretch in, SpineGym has you covered.



The best part is you can use SpineGym just about anywhere and wear just about anything. No need to go put on your workout clothes and take an extra long lunch just to get your workout in.



In just a matter of weeks, you can strengthen your back and core and get that flat belly you’ve been aiming for. You can even attach resistance bands to add an arm-toning component to your workout! SpineGym is more efficient than pilates or sit-ups. While some gym equipment only gives you superficial growth on the visible muscles, SpineGym works the ones that really count!


SpineGym is available in gold and silver and comes with a carrying bag, all the SpineGym components, and an instruction guide to get you started.


The SpineGym is available on Indiegogo for $198!

Check it out below!

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