Someone Designed A First Aid Blanket That Even The Untrained Can Use

It’s never a bad thing to learn some basic First Aid, but the reality is that few of us have any kind of training in that department. If someone we knew and loved needed First Aid, would any of us be ready to respond and know exactly what to do? A Chinese university is helping to at least give us some help.
Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China has come up with the First Aid Blanket, an amazing innovation designed to assist for instances of drowning. Meant to be installed near other water-related safety equipment and flotation devices, this Blanket will give an untrained person the basic rundown of how to help save someone’s life.


The instructions are clearly printed and have simple step-by-step illustrations that will help a bystander do rudimentary CPR until paramedics arrive. It’s a crucial time-saver that could help save an untold number of lives even when a trained person is not in the area. Here’s hoping it makes it to market!