The RSVP Deluxe Corn Stripper Gets Your Corn Ready Quickly and Easily

There are so many tricks for stripping corn from the cob, but none of them are really effective. They’re always too messy and never get all the corn off the cob—so what’s the point?
Enter the RSVP Deluxe Corn Stripper. It quickly removes the kernels from fresh, frozen, or cooked corn on the cob—no mess!

Simply remove the plunger and blade unit, insert the cob into cylinder, line the blade up with the top of the cob, then gently twist the blade unit down.

When you’re done, remove the blade unit and insert the plunger to pop out the cob core!

The best part is clean up is a breeze—all the parts are dishwasher safe!

To get your own corn stripper, check out the brand’s Amazon page.

Watch the corn stripper in action in the video down below!

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