The Sock Aid Is the One-Hand Solution to Putting on Your Socks Problem-Free!

If you have any kind of mobility issue, simple tasks like putting on socks can be a daily, time-consuming challenge. And sometimes, if you can’t do those basic things, you lose the will to do whatever your body allows you to do.
Enter the Sock Aid—a simple tool designed to make putting your socks on and taking them off as simple and pain-free as possible!


Simply place the sock on the tube part of the Sock-Aid, set it on the ground, and slip your foot through—that’s it!

To take off your socks, slide the Easy Off rod components together, place the pronged end of the rod between the ankle and the top of the sock, press down on the rod with the other foot, and slide it out.

With the Sock Aid, putting on your socks is just one less thing to worry about!

Watch the Sock Aid in action in the video down below! To buy the product, check out the brand’s Amazon page.

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