Smart Bulb – A Simple Light Bulb With Extra Functionalities

Many advanced light bulbs have been released in the past few years. We covered LIFX, a smart WiFi enabled light bulb that can be controlled by a smartphone, AudioBulb, a light bulb that doubles as a wireless speaker, and the INSTEON LED bulb, the world’s first internet controlled light bulb.

But these technologies might be a little too much for some people’s needs. If all you’re really looking for is something with a little more functionality, yet in the same price range as regular bulbs, then the Smart Bulb might be just right.

Whether you’re looking for auto-dimming, auto-off, four-level dimming, or the emergency flashing capability, simply replace your regular bulbs with the Smart Bulb programmed to perform the function you desire, and control that special feature with a quick flick of the switch. No setup or additional parts required.

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